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Facilities and programming are available to youth and adult groups. Our primary service is to churches that belong to the River City Faith Network, but other groups are welcome when time and space allow. For all groups, we offer adventure activities that include tower rappelling, cave exploring, canoe trips and low ropes course and other initiatives. Trained and capable staff lead all adventure activities. (Groups not wishing to participate in adventure programming are also welcome.) Food service is not currently available. Your group’s use of the kitchen in main camp and Lantern Lodge are included in the price. Because of the camp’s proximity to West VA, some groups use it as a crash site after West VA skiing or whitewater rafting. For retreat-mission project combinations, view the Volunteer Opportunities.  


Lantern Lodge

Lantern Lodge is a very large turn of the century house that has recently been renovated by many Camp Alkulana volunteers. The house has two and one-half baths, fully equipped kitchen, two sitting rooms and very comfortable bunk beds for 22 guests. The house overlooks a splendid view of the creek and the distant mountains. Lantern LodgeLantern LodgeLantern Lodge  

Main Camp

Large kitchen, dining hall (multi-purpose room), bathhouse, and recreational lodge. Six rustic, non-insulated (i.e., no heat) cabins sleep 8-10 people. Three insulated cabins sleep up to 14 people each. Therefore, during warm weather months, our rustic cabins alone can accommodate up to 60 people. Add the insulated cabins to that, and we can accommodate groups as large as 102. Add Lantern Lodge to that, and we can accommodate groups as large as 124 people. During cool weather months, we recommend against using the rustic cabins. Retreat FacilitiesRetreat FacilitiesRetreat Facilities  

Tent Camping

Available for groups of 20 people.

Adventure Activities at Alkulana


TubingTubing is a relaxing enjoyable adventure on the calm Cowpasture River. This is not a raging rapids trip, but there is just enough moving water to keep it fun. Most of the water is not over anyone’s head, and the parts that are deep are wide and calm. It is a good tubing trip for all ages. Lifeguards will be provided, as any swimming activity needs to be carefully monitored. $300 per group.


CavingCaving is an extraordinary opportunity! Our caving trips take place in local wild caves, which means you will use helmets and flashlights and do not walk on a path. There is lots of climbing and crawling, and you get pretty muddy. There are two different caves that are possible activities. One of the caves is a fairly short adventure and is suitable for younger children and those new to caving or a little unsure about it. The second cave is larger and takes at least an hour to an hour and a half to explore. It is suitable for older participants, and it is a little more strenuous. Participants need to bring flashlights, shoes, long pants and a sweatshirt that they do not mind getting very dirty. Helmets and caving guides are provided. $200 per group.  

Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes CourseThe Low Ropes Course consists of many challenging team building activities. Participants are presented with various obstacles to overcome. The obstacles might be anything from walking a tightrope with other members of their team spotting them to figuring out how to cross a chasm on swinging tires without leaving anyone behind. $150 per group.

Rappelling and Climbing

Rappelling and ClimbingThe Rappelling and Climbing Tower can be seen as an extension of our low ropes course in the sense that team building is also encouraged when participating in these activities. Participants will be instructed in safety before beginning any activity and they will be aided in putting on protective gear, including helmets and harnesses. We subscribe to a “challenge by choice” model, and at no time is any participant asked to do anything that he or she does not want to do. All participants are required to be supportive of their team members, though. The tower has been called a life changing experience by many who have participated. $250 per group.  


Hiking Hiking the unmatched beauty of the Virginia Highlands is an opportunity that should not be passed up. The Highlands are rich with flora and fauna. Perhaps if you are quiet you will see some of the amazing native creatures. Long or short hikes can be planned and led according to your group’s needs and abilities. $150 per group.


Canoeing Canoeing is a more strenuous activity than tubing, but it is well worth the effort. Winding through the mountain valleys, canoeing affords many gorgeous views. You might even see a doe and her fawn crossing to drink. There are many nice spots to stop for lunch or to just enjoy a swim. Participants should wear shoes that they can get wet, due to the rocky bottom. Lifeguards and guides are provided. $300 per group.


Holding Deposit: A $250 deposit is required to secure your date(s) at Alkulana. This applies to all events (even day activities) with the exception of tent camping. Should your group need to cancel your event, this deposit will be refunded in full if your group cancels within 14 days of the event. The deposit will not be refunded if the event is cancelled less than 14 days before the event. The remainder of your fees (total amount minus the holding deposit) is due upon your arrival at Alkulana for your event.  
For questions or to make a retreat reservation, contact 804-329-1701 ext. 114.