Summer Staff Availability     

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Each summer we hire approximately fifty staff and volunteers for our summer season including counselors, nurses, kitchen staff, and specialized personnel. These folks do everything from cook, teach crafts, change Band-Aids, plunge toilets, teach swimming lessons, facilitate an interactive Bible study, and share living space with 9-14
year olds! They are a brave staff! They do God's work each summer, loving children who often feel lost and unaccepted.

The majority of our staff are residential camp counselors who work the entire summer. Camp counselors are 18 years or older, are on-call 24/7, and are committed to transforming the lives of Richmond's young people. If you are interested in one of these positions, fill out an application by clicking the button on this page. The camp director will then contact you about current availability.

If you have other skills you would like to offer to Alkulana-- cooking, medical, crafts, maintenance, etc., please email the director at

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Quotes from Summer Camp Counselors at Alkulana

How did working at Camp Alkulana affect you?:

  • I gained self-confidence.
  • I made more consistent time with God.
  • I gained more patience.
  • I learned to minister to children.
  • I realized I want to be a better person.
  • I respect myself more.
  • I feel like a better leader.
  • I was able to see a much different side of the world.
  • I feel more compassionate.
  • I’m learning to let go of my past and move forward.
  • I don’t let little things bother me as much. I’ve learned not to judge people.
  • I feel more comfortable in my own skin.
  • I had never imagined I could feel so much love for so many people that I just met who were
    often so different from me.
  • I feel I have grown more trusting of God’s plan.
  • I learned how to do new things.
  • I learned the importance of community.
  • I was pushed to the limits of my heart in how much I could love a child.