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Hugwarts Alumni House Cup

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Join us in the Hugwarts Alumni House Cup online fundraiser campaign to sustain over 200 campers and their camp staff this summer as they hike, swim, cave, and hear that they are made by God for love and loving.

Camp Alkulana alumni are re-imagining our camp experiences through the magical world of Harry Potter and the House Cup competitions. Hogwarts has become “Hugwarts” and each House has been renamed for one of our camp directors!

Camp Alums have been grouped into Camp Houses and, together, are striving to raise at least $7,000 (or $1,750 each team). Generous camp alums have pledged to match their efforts up to $7,000 dollars. That’s a $14,000 goal and the focal point of our Hugwarts Alumni House Cup! Success in this goal would fund the entire programming and transportation costs for this summer! That includes all of the camp-y and adventure activities you think of when you think of camp and the cost of transporting our campers by bus to and from Richmond.

  • Slytherwest (alumni from the 1980s):
    Rhonda May, Stacey Barrack, Gracie Kirkpatrick, Julie Agee, Sharon Page
  • Gracyndor (alumni from the 1990s):
    Jimmy Landrum, Michael Williams, Rock Higgins, Jeff Francis, Linda Dodd
  • Barbenclaw (alumni from the 2000s):
    Art Wright, Rob Wright, Drea Douglass, Angela Ritter, Amanda Browning
  • Hazelpuff (alumni from the 2010s):
    Dean Seal, Jessica Powers, Ryan Mason, Jackson Rogers, Khristian Salters


So, which Hugwarts House will you join? Which team will win the House Cup?! Join the competition as participants compete for the campers they love! You can participate by making a donation and choosing your team from the drop down menu. This may match a decade you were involved at Camp Alkulana or simply a team you want to rally around. For a general donation not earmarked for any team, choose House Elves. This fundraiser will run through April 18. Check back to watch our progress!


  1. Go to
  2. Make a donation toward our $7,000 goal to keep the magic alive at Camp Alkulana.
  3. Choose which Hugwarts house to support by using the dropdown menu.