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Taken by Force

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When I first went to Camp Alkulana it was by force. My parents had decided that I would be going, and even though I asked them not to they sent me anyway. That summer I had been questioning my faith and my place in the world and I thought being away from home would make it worse. I turned out to be wrong.

Through my week at camp of hiking and caving and Bible study, I talked to counselors about life and God and anything else I had questions about. They gave me answers to everything, or at least tried their best to. An experience that really changed my view of the world was hiking up a nearby hill and standing at a beautiful overlook that had been a place to dump trash many years before. At some point, the people living there agreed to clean up the location, which let the plant life take back over the hillside. I saw that people can work together to make life better. I realized the beauty of the world that exists when people let God be in control.

My life really changed after seeing that. I prayed more. I stopped trying to take control in my life, and let God lead me where God wanted me to go. My year had been stressful and exhausting for the months before I visited camp for the first time, but after I left camp, the world seemed brighter to me and life started to matter. Without Camp Alkulana I might not be where I am now.

by Kekoa Burgess

Kekoa has been been a camper, a CIT, and a counselor at Camp Alkulana. He is currently a freshman at Bluefield College and a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church.

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