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CAPS: What’s In a Name?

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For those of us old enough to remember that special blue wooden building up a hill and in the woods, the name CAPS means relief. A little dread might mix in, if it was dark and no one around, or if you were assigned to scrub. It also brings a smile and that warm feeling of nostalgia for a time and rustic simplicity that has been flushed away by modernization.

In that warm frame of remembrance and humor, a small group of Camp Alkulana enthusiasts joined forces to establish the Camp Alkulana Preservation Society (CAPS). Our initial mission was to seek and find as many Camp Alkulana alumni, volunteers, supporters, past and present, as possible to be able to connect, reconnect and communicate information for the 100-year celebration in 2015. We soon realized that this undertaking was one that should be an ongoing effort to be a resource for those wanting to stay in touch and stay involved with the legacy of Camp Alkulana.

We proceeded to form a 501(c)3 corporation in the state of Virginia. We have an elected Board, which meets regularly to discuss and organize activities that we hope will benefit both Camp and the contacts who want to be involved and informed. Our goals are to expand our network of persons who love Camp Alkulana, and to raise monies to be able to take on projects that Camp Alkulana may need, but which are out of the range of the budget.

Thus far, we have sponsored and organized several workdays for cleanup and maintenance at Camp. Some of our board members have installed safety handrails and other small improvements at the Director’s request. We have some exciting plans for 2018. For instance, we have a mini-reunion work weekend coming up April 13-April 15. Former camp director Gracie Kirkpatrick will be joining us, and we will be working hard to get camp ready for the summer.

Please explore the website, make a donation, join the team, pay your dues, or at least send us your contact information on the contact page. We would love to add you to our email list and even better, our ranks as a voting member. Please extend this invitation to all Camp Alkulana lovers you may be in contact with – in numbers there is great strength!

Our name explains our purpose. We want to PRESERVE every facet of the Camp Alkulana legacy: the message of God’s love, the mission to spread that love, the historic nature of, what can only be described as, God’s place, and most importantly, the people who share the connection to that special place.

by Denise Seal

Denise and her family have been involved at Camp Alkulana for years, and continue to come volunteer in the kitchen for a week every summer! Denise is currently serving as the Chair of the Camp Alkulana Preservation Society, and we invited her to write about the group’s purpose and activities in this month’s newsletter.

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